Our LIFT Team

We are a Perth based team of trainers, facilitators and coaches who have worked in a diverse range of industries with specialised knowledge and experience in both the private and public sector.

LIFT’s ability to design and deliver a learning environment that is inspiring, fun and engaging to positively & practically transfer theory and skills using our trademarked “Workshop to Workplace” process is key to our success.

95% of LIFT’s business comes from referrals based on the successful results we achieve with our clients.

What we know after nearly 2 decades in this arena is:

What we can tell you, is far less important than what we will ask you, how we listen, what you & LIFT can share. And then it’s not “what”.. but in practical terms.. “how” we will develop and lift you, your team or your organisation’s existing capability to achieve more.

LIFT’s specialties include:

  • Leadership training & development.
  • Management training & coaching.
  • Developing agile, productive & trusting teams.
  • Organisational learning & change.
  • Crucial & casual conversations at work.
  • Facilitation of teams at the front line or executive groups with diverse strengths & priorities.

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Cherelle Witney

Cherelle Witney


• Certified coach for Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (2014) • Graduate Certificate in Business -Business Leadership (2012) • Accreditation in administration and interpretation of MBTI instruments (2011) • Accreditation in administration and interpretation of DiSC profile (2009) • Accredited Belbin Team Preferred Roles Interpreter (2003) • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (2002) • International Coach Federation (ICF) Member • International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Member • Institute of Learning Professionals (ILP) Member

Hi I’m Cherelle Witney, Founder of LIFT Performance Solutions, Leadership trainer and coach.

Belbin Profile: On the Belbin profile I’m a Specialist, Plant, Shaper which means I like detail, to be up to date with facts, theories and practices. I love ideas, innovative thinking and “what if….” questions….I enjoy pressure, having diverse views and making a difference from tidying my messy linen cupboard to developing influential engaging leaders, to changing the way dogs live at home alone while we are at work…..

I’ve been using Belbin profiling since 2003 and completed over 1000 profiles with clients. I believe your Belbin profile sets you free by knowing what you’re good at and what your not and then finding opportunities to work and play towards your strengths. And recognised that whole bunch of behaviours to constantly manage too…for me it’s being on time, completing tasks I don’t enjoy, procrastinating, not listening when under stress….you get the picture. I’m always learning to improve!

Philosophy: I believe that being curious to learn and willing to welcome shared learning keeps us positively energised & connected throughout our work and our life!

I aim to be a facilitator that inspires you with diverse real experience & insights that makes learning practical and fun! I’m passionate about “lifting” people’s personal and professional capability to lead and manage…in turn positively influencing their colleagues, their boss, their family and even their community!

I love hearing that LIFT’s leadership work has improved people’s lives at work and at home…especially when we receive thankyou notes from spouses!

Experience: Over the last 18+ years my career has included work as a senior manager & leader, internal trainer/facilitator and professional coach in a variety of private and public organisations with 7 years in public health and 6 years in law.
In 2003 I started work with Belbin Team Preferred Roles and have interpreted over 1000 individual profiles. In 2005 I was included in the Department of Health’s first “100 Leaders” program. Between 2005 and 2008 I delivered Leadership training to over 6 different WA Health Services and was invited as a guest speaker and facilitator at Asia Pacific, National and State conferences on the topics of Leading Contagious Improvement and a Positive Performance Culture.

Career higlights for me so far include managing staff development for one of the fastest growing law firms in Perth in the 1990s. Creating “Wise Ones” WA’s first ever internet cafe for over 65’s connecting grandparents to grandkids world wide in 2000s! Co-leading the innovative & challenging introduction of the “Four Hour Rule” to public hospital emergency departments & facilitating the associated complex process changes and improvements in 2008/9.

Then in 2012 I took a risk and started an invention I’d been thinking about for years. In 2014 it became a working prototype and in 2016 I’m proud to say it will finally go into commercial production. I love dogs and the invention is an electronic toy and treat dispenser to keep dogs physically and/or mentally active when they are home alone. It’s called Tricky Treats™ - check it out at www.trickytreats.com.au or our facebook page trickytreatoz! This invention journey has helped me as a leadership trainer “walk the talk” about being out of your comfort zone, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, challenging the process and being resilient!

I’ve been fortunate to have trained and coached across many generations and cultures in diverse industries including tourism, education, healthcare, agriculture, law, graphic design, real estate, security and financial services. This work has included:

  • Organisational development including vision, mission, values that are visible in daily practices.
  • Building sustainable change at all levels, through engagement that starts with executive.
  • Retaining and growing staff through productive performance review process and crucial conversation.
  • Developing agile productive trusting teams.
  • Coaching and training managers and leaders to be at their personal best to attract and enable others to engage in change.
  • Facilitation of strategic and operational business planning as well as team decision making.
  • Individual coaching & profiles that identify your most powerful questions, your resources and your options.

This diverse training work has led me to design & deliver scores of corporate training one day workshops, 3 month courses, 6 & 12 month leaderships development pathways with learning content and interactive activities tailor-made to align with existing staff profiles and cultural or environmental challenges.

My facilitation work uses a variety of tools from brainstorming to framing to open space and journey maps to assist strategic planning processes, creation of organisational learning & development plans, effective process improvement pathways and change engagement strategies in organisations of 12 to 1200 people!

My coaching work at front line, middle management or executive leadership uses a good combination of inner and outer work models, tools & profiles to explore a balance of words, actions and emotions influencing the results the client seeks to achieve.

Training, Facilitating, Coaching Style: To complement evidence based learning & experience I also utilise creative and innovative approaches. Examples are LIFT’s successful “agile team” development model, unique conflict resolution formula, tailor-made successful positive culture programs and trademarked “Workshop to Workplace” transferrable learning model.

In summary – what I’ve noticed over nearly 2 decades working in this area is that trust, connection, breathing before talking, asking good questions and a willingness (and safe opportunity) to self reflect & learn, consistently present as core elements to the sustainable performance solutions our clients seek from LIFT. And therefore are key elements I look to include in training, facilitating and coaching.

Outside work: To maintain my work-to-live balance I seem to like a mix of creativity and structure. I love an amazing documentary or going to outdoor music events. I’m grateful for the laughter I enjoy with my partner, family and friends and doing any combination of camping, fishing, golf, yoga, travel, exercise, reading, being near the water and outings with my disobedient beagle dog!

Tresna Maclean

Tresna Maclean


• Accredited Belbin Team Preferred Roles Interpreter (2012) • CELTA Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) 2014 • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment 2002 • Bachelor of Agribusiness (Dux) 2000 • Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing)

Philosophy: Values that shape Tresna’s training, facilitation and lifestyle are integrity, excellence, social responsibility, commitment, compassion and adventure. Tresna has focused her career on staff education and leadership training as she fervently believes that organisations improve and grow through development of the individual.

Experience: Tresna has developed her professional skills working in Perth, regional Australia and internationally.

She grew up on a family farm and began her career as a Registered Nurse. In her early twenties her sense of adventure took her overseas to travel and work in Europe and North America, supervising staff in a variety of services in the hospitality industry. These experiences sparked her natural ability to train as she discovered her personal joy in leading teams and developing staff to perform at their best.

On returning to Australia Tresna completed a degree in Agriculture and linked her love of farming life with a Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, to successfully deliver and coordinate Agricultural traineeships throughout the Wheat belt region of Western Australia.

In 2002 Tresna returned to Perth and to the health industry, working across both private and public sectors until 2010. Her responsibilities included development and delivery of health traineeships; training in workforce development and learning and development facilitation.

Joining LIFT in 2012, Tresna’s experience has seen her train staff in roles as varied as administration, engineering, medical & surgical services, mental health, support services, security and allied health. She loves this diversity, along with the shared and unique challenges each industry presents to facilitate the transfer of theory and complex practices to practical skills and learning.

Training style: Tresna believes in the innate potential of the individual and the value of sharing others’ knowledge and life experiences. Her honesty, warm manner and genuine interest in people create a training environment that is informal, interactive, challenging and productive.

Outside work: Tresna’s personal world includes a supportive husband and two energetic boys. Her interests include animals (she is a temporary boarder for Guide Dogs WA); any outdoor activities; music (she has just started learning bass guitar) and spending time with family & friends. Her love of learning through travel continues and is now being shared with her children. After fulfilling her dream of trekking through the Himalayas in 2013, family travel plans have commenced for a six week camping adventure through the UK & Europe.

Amanda Alldrick

Amanda Alldrick

Qualifications /Accreditations: • Certification in The Leadership Circle Profile™ • Certification in the 360 degree Leader (LCP) and Manager (LCPME) and the Leadership Culture Survey assessments • Accreditation in the administration of the Integral 360 degree Leadership & Management Profiling instruments (including the Public Sector Integral Leadership Development Profile) and coaching feedback • Diploma of Professional Coaching, Coach School WA (2012) • Open Space Technology Facilitation Skills (2011) • Coaching in Action, Alan Sieler (2009) • Bachelor of Business, Human Resource Management (2002) • International Coach Federation (ICF) Member • WA ICF Chapter Executive Chair, Professional Development • Founder, HR Connected WA (Community Group)

Experience: Amanda has extensive experience across the learning & development, human resources and coaching areas. Amanda’s specialisation has been in Human Resource Development, working with organisations at a partnership level to drive organisational change, embed organisation culture, develop exceptional leaders and create a high performing culture.

Amanda’s strength lies in relationship building and partnering with others to drive change in behaviours. At the heart of this is a coaching practice that underpins the foundation for the change process.

With experience across the Not for Profit, Oil & Gas, IT, Defence, Human Resource Consulting and Adult Learning areas, Amanda has worked with executive leaders through to support staff to coach them on best practice HR.

Amanda has facilitated workshops on Leadership Development, Team Building, Performance Management, Workplace Behaviour and much more. In addition, Amanda has developed Leadership Programs, Organisational Culture and Coaching workshops along with various other learning & development programs.

Amanda provides coaching to a range of clients from individuals looking to explore personal change through to organisational leaders as a part of professional development and growth. Amanda has worked with clients across various industries including Health, State Forensics, Aboriginal Affairs, Not for Profit, Custodial Services, Oil & Gas, Politics, Marine and IT.

Amanda has been a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) leadership team for two years and holds the Professional Development Executive Chair position on the ICF WA Chapter Leadership team.
Amanda is also the Founder of HR Connected WA, a HR community group providing opportunities for connections and professional growth to over 300 members.

Coaching style: Amanda works with integrity, insightfulness and genuine desire for empowering others. She is authentic in her concern for people’s wellbeing, is deeply respectful, and has the ability to view a situation from a variety of perspectives and convey this to others. Amanda asks thought provoking questions that enables clients to develop their own answers and produce quite remarkable breakthroughs instantly.

Amanda creates a very gentle and safe space where clients feel comfortable talking about personal concerns. Her questions are purposeful and challenging whilst positive and supportive. Amanda’s natural empathy is very apparent during coaching sessions.

Amanda has a passion for partnering with clients to bring out their best, to recognise underlying beliefs, core truths and stories that run in their lives and influence behaviours and choices.