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What do you want to "lift" in you, your team or your organisation today?

Sustainable change often requires a range of diverse solutions that connect with both your head and your heart.

Here are some of the practical performance solutions LIFT has designed and delivered to achieve sustainable change:

  • Team engagement during change
  • Individual awareness of strengths and development areas
  • Every day creative problem solving and innovative thinking
  • Consistent decision making processes
  • Effective meeting practices including live agendas
  • Confident, visible, consistent and engaging change leadership
  • Effective and mindful management skills applied in daily work
  • Trusting teams that engage in change, commit to diversity and are accountable
  • Performance review tools and processes to support a positive learning culture
  • Recruitment conversations that go beyond the standard questions
  • Organisational development through vision, mission and values owned at all levels
  • Practical conversation processes and tools to address unacceptable behaviour

LIFT provides tailor-made content that always includes contemporary theory, relevant models and practical activities to meet your learning and development outcomes. Most importantly we deliver these solutions in a format that successfully transfers learning outcomes from “Workshop to Workplace”.

How can LIFT work for you?

BELBIN Profiling

Belbin Regional Representative

BELBIN Profiles help you to:

  • Choose a good starting point for tough work conversations.
  • Identify the key strengths and hazards of your behaviour and others.
  • Improve your daily conversation and delegation skills.
  • Understand work styles that are different to yours.

BELBIN Benefits:

  • High completion rates as takes less than 15 minutes to complete…saving time and money to implement at work.
  • The BELBIN report uses every-day language and clear graphs that are easy to understand.
  • LIFT supports you to apply this new knowledge to you, your specific work and/or team role.
  • You’ll enjoy more effective daily conversations, decision making and job satisfaction.
  • It’s an effective and fun way to “do, review, learn and lift” – you and your team performance today!

LIFT works with BELBIN profiles because they are truly different!

What’s different about Belbin?

  • Belbin is not a personality profile. Belbin focuses on practical team behaviours we all do every day.
  • Belbin doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars like many other profile tools.
  • Belbin comes originally from the UK and uses simple practical everyday terms that make sense.
  • It works! LIFT offers a money back guarantee if you don’t find the Belbin Profile useful to you.

A single Belbin profile easily identifies what roles you will and won’t naturally do well in a team of 2 or 200! When Belbin profiles are completed for the entire team you can also see a complete “team profile” of strengths and hazard areas that will or won’t support your business goals.

LIFT chooses Belbin Team Role profiles because Belbin is a “team focused” model that will help you understand your own behaviours and your team members. This process makes teams happier, more productive, supportive and better at communicating their needs without conflict….together achieving better results!

Belbin reviews your role in a team and profiles the diverse skills every team member has to contribute by focusing on behaviour. This positive, empowering emphasis on your strengths and achievable improvements fits well with LIFT’s overall mission to “lift” our clients.

LIFT Performance Solutions trainers have been working with BELBIN Team Roles since 2003. We have introduced Belbin to a wide range of public and private organisations in WA with 15 to 1500 staff as part of professional development including; Leadership & Management Training, Team Development and Individual Coaching.

“Capacity Coaching” with LIFT

LIFT’s individual or group coaching is tailor-made to meet your challenges and desired outcomes. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, relaxing, confidential space to explore your goals, your “current” vs your “desired” situation and support you to consider what are your opportunities and key actions that may be required.

LIFT’s brings out the best in our clients by providing coaching in areas such as:

  • Practical application of LIFT’s course content in the workplace.
  • Self-review to seek feedback, identify and disclose areas to develop.
  • Exploring team-work and “diverse unity”
  • Goal setting – do, review, learn and lift
  • Six or twelve month post course follow ups on transferrable learning
  • Specific content identified by you

“Learning Leaders” Course with LIFT

LIFT will design and deliver a performance solution that identifies and builds on your existing leadership strengths, lifting your ability to confidently, competently, consistently and consciously lead.

  • Examples of leadership outcomes LIFT has achieved by designing and delivering tailor-made course content for our clients:
  • Establish a genuine and sustainable leadership style.
  • Establish a united, positive and influential leadership group.
  • Ability to challenge people and procedures to achieve change while maintaining engagement.
  • Ability to create a vision and engage others in that vision.

“Effective and Mindful Managers” Course with LIFT

LIFT will design and deliver a performance solution that identifies and builds on your existing management strengths and lifts your management capability and confidence. Examples of management outcomes LIFT has achieved by designing and delivering tailor-made course content for our clients:

  • Personal awareness of my mindset and values.
  • Demonstrate a consistent and competent management style.
  • Manage performance conversations and formal reviews.
  • Practically apply time management skills that change behaviour.

“Trusting Teams” Workshops with LIFT

With you and your team’s input LIFT will design and deliver performance solutions that identify and build on your existing team strengths and lift your team-work capability with individual and team learning through interactive tailor-made content.

Examples of team-work outcomes LIFT has achieved by designing tailor-made content for our clients:

  • Identify team role and contribution.
  • Practically review team strengths and hazards.
  • Establish team expectations and goals.
  • Create a commitment and action plan to build team trust.
  • Ability to hold diverse discussions positively.

“Organisational Development through Purposeful, Practical, and Productive Change” with LIFT

LIFT designs and delivers a performance solution that builds on your existing organisational strengths and identifies an Organisational Development Plan (ODP) that provides a pathway to LIFT your change capability at the individual, team and organisational level. Your ODP is created through a consultancy partnership with LIFT that ensures every step is relevant to your priority needs and content specific to your work environment.

  • Purposeful - align your changes needs, values and direction to proposed performance solutions.
  • Practical – KISS it! Keep It Simple and Sensible for staff to engage, contribute and follow.
  • Productive – deliver performance solutions, review re-promote to embed process and behavioural changes.
  • Sustainable – establish visible consistent leadership that models a sense of urgency for development and change